What are CAO Pro Makeup books?

Cao has created a makeup program that can be utilized as a makeup only course or as a combination to your current courses. the program focuses on the basic fundamentals of makeup artistry to the mastery of artistry.

The interactive format, embedded with step—by—step demonstrations on video tutorials, makes the program more fun and interactive for learners.

The 3 e-pub volumes focus on different levels of makeup artistry paperback book versions available for those without e-readers).

Fundamentals | Volume 1

From face shapes and color theory to bridal and basic airbrushing, this volume sets the foundation for aspiring makeup artists. The lessons include pro tips, step by step galleries, and videos to aid in the educational journey.

Editorial |Volume 2

After learning the fundamentals in makeup, this volume advances to runaway makeup, photo shoots, print, editorial, and advanced airbrushing. Our editorial curriculum goes beyond the rudiments of fundamentals and discovers how to translate trends into timeless makeup looks.

Cao Pro Makeup Book | Volume 3 Master

To become a master, this volume gives the full understanding of building characters, era makeup, special effects, and business etiquette.

Growing Trend: Makeup Artist in Demand!

in the education industry, there’s a huge demand for makeup artistry and many cosmetology graduates have moved on to continue their education at makeup schools. why not increase your revenue and create opportunities by offering the program in your school? create what this industry needs; well rounded artists in the hair and makeup artistry.

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